What is Passive Marketing?

Passive marketing reaches the customer through customer service and smart positioning. For example, a customer uses a search engine to locate the business or a phone book to find the phone number. The marketing was done before the need arose, and no special event was required to bring the customer into the business. Passive marketing is thoughtful and anticipatory. It takes work and planning, but practical means and methods — such as having good, informative articles on a website, and being listed in industry directories — do get results.

Our Team

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Jim can create for you that website that will appeal to your client base and get them landing on your page. If you already have a website then Jimmy can give it that much needed facelift to bring it into the spotlight.


Norman will ensure that your website and other social media tools run smoothly to ensure that you are able to interact with your clients and serve their needs.


Having a flashy website is only half of the picture, you will need content on your website to keep new customers on your page. Caleb can create short videos for you that will show off all the goods and services that your business can provide, another great way to make you stand out from the rest of your competition.


Planning and executing the correct marketing strategy is what Dave is all about. In marketing it is all about ROI (Return On Investment) and having taylormade strategy for your buisness helps achieve that.

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